‘Wild Thing’ velvet

Lewis and Wood Wild Thing 3

Wild Thing by Lewis and Wood 1

Lewis and Wood Wild Thing 2

Lewis and Wood Wild Thing 4

As soon as the fabric arrived at the office we hastily opened the parcel to be struck immediately by how very beautiful and unique this fabric really is.

Firstly this is printed on velvet. Definitely something to be celebrated!

Secondly, the colours are a clever and interesting mix which have both a depth and a faded old world quality. How Lewis and Wood have managed to make two apparent contradictions come together is beyond us, but they have, and it is a triumph.

We love the name Wild Thing. Not only because a monkey sits surprisingly amid the pattern, but also because the design is such a free and unrestricted creation. It seems meticulously planned in fun and frivolity. A pattern that is saved from the constraints held by so many designs of our time. The lines are not adhered to, both physically and metaphorically. It is a curiosity of design and colour that works perfectly together.

To top it all off, ‘Wild Thing’ is placed on a wonderful washed velvet, with its perfectly imperfect way of taking hold of this glorious print.

We love it! We cannot stop looking at it.

Contact Lewis and Wood for details.

Photo taken in Sherborne, Gloucestershire, England



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