Wild Thing (linen)

wild thing 1

wild thing 2

The dyes on the linen base take on quite a different appearance compared to the velvet of the same name. They look seeped and faded, but as Lewis and Wood seem to have mastered the knack of, they are also quietly colourful. Almost like a watercolour with colour applied on damp fabric instead of paper, the dyes do not keep to the lines. A happy rebellion to our expectation.

The 100% Italian linen is particular in that it  ‘flops’, giving a firm while light and airy foundation to a design that can be described the same way. The combination of the cloth and design result in a gentle, comfortable fabric. Wild Thing on Linen has a way of instantly settling in its place, looking and feeling as if it can and will be there forever.

Contact Lewis and Wood for details

Photo taken in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England



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