‘Essaouira’ by Decortex Firenze (Florence, Italy)

Decortex Essaouira



This beautiful sheer linen with an irregular stripe is simply dreamy.

When I visualise my perfect house it is firstly isolated and peaceful. It has simple furnishings of feather filled sofas and chairs, plump cushions scattered around… unconsidered…relaxed in their placings. It has large spacious rooms, high ceilings, french doors with wooden shutters and stone floors leading outside to long flat terraces. It has curtains of unlined linen made long enough to casually pool on the floor.  To wake and open walls of french doors, the warm breeze blowing the linen gently in and out…paradise on earth!

Linen gives me a feeling of comfort. Of a life simple and uncluttered. Where things just ‘fit’ and work with our environment. Linen has and always will be my favourite fabric. For me, any natural fibre fabric is favourable over man made fibres which just never make me feel the same as a natural fabric.

Essaouira is special. It is simple, relaxed and none the less sophisticated and smart.

It is one of those fabrics that makes me feel good. Any fabric that has me dreaming of my paradise is special to me.


Photographs taken in Bristol, England.



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