Gaston y Daniela A    GASTON Y DANIELA FLe Meurice:Gaston y Daniela Montalcino 3

This stunning new cut velvet from Gaston Daniela is sturdy enough for upholstery and also has a ‘handle’ that allows it to drape perfectly for curtaining. Being a weighty looking velvet I was surprised how softly it gathers and folds.

The sheen of the fabric, the perfect mix of silvery grey, black and warm stone, the luxurious velvet pile, the scale, the weight…it all works beautifully.

The photos are taken in the beautiful Le Meurice Hotel in Paris. The instant you walk through the front doors of Le Meurice you know that the person in charge of this hotel loves it dearly. General manager Franka Holtmann, along with seemingly divine inspiration, appointed Philippe Starck to refurbish the interior. Every aspect, every detail, is a marvel…a triumph. Le Meurice is truly stunning and within the beauty, the luxury, is a feeling of absolute peace and comfort. Being at Le Meurice feels as if the world outside doesn’t exist.

Le Meurice painted ceiling canvas by Ara Starck

Ceiling canvas painted by Ara Starck, Le Dali restaurant, Le Meurice, Paris.




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