‘Roses’ in shocking pink on oyster linen

bennison 4 d

bennison roses shocking pink

Bennison Roses Hot Pink 3

Big bouquets of blooms in shades of hot pink and orangey red set on an almost white background make up the focal points of this large scale pattern. Ribbons gently float to join each bouquet with small petals and leaves dancing between them creating a happy, relaxed design.

I am happy to say that despite my past frustration over the seemingly widespread idea that florals belong only in traditional or country homes, they are now making an impact in all styles of homes and interiors. This out of date perception that held back an entire group of amazing designs is now well behind us. Long, full curtains hanging from high windows in a sparse ‘almost’ white room or hanging on the large industrial windows of an old converted warehouse space, Roses in shocking pink will look quite simply stunning.

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Photo taken in Brockhampton, Gloucestershire, UK.



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