‘Mineral’ graphite

Mineral by Jason D'Souza

Mineral by Jason D'Souza 2

Mineral by Jason D'Souza 6

Mineral by Jason D'Souza 3

Mineral by Jason D'Souza 5

We unbundled a two meter piece of Mineral Graphite from the bag not much larger than A4. It had to be packed like this as we were travelling and rolls are too difficult. One of the trickiest things about photographing fabric is how to keep it uncreased before…and even while we are shooting it.

We say our photography is a bit like ‘fabric graffiti’ as we are not trained in this area and we do not have planned photo shoots (and more often than not, no planned location). Everything is done in the moment, with very little to no planning. We usually have just a few moments to photograph.

In this case George V Paris were very kind allowing us take a couple of pictures around ‘La Galerie’ where their divine afternoon tea is served in relaxed yet superb luxury.

We had not unpacked the fabric prior to arriving so unfolding the bundle I was worried that there would be too many creases and we wouldn’t be able to shoot it. Every crease shows on my Nikon D700.

In fact what happened was that as I pulled the fabric from the small bag the full glory of this fabric was quickly and dramatically revealed. It was like it was meant to be in this environment. It was as if it had found its home, its fineness and elegance perfect for the luxury of the George V.

Mineral graphite appears like liquid metal cascading or swirling wherever it is dropped. The shadows, the depth created when this fabric is unveiled…is truly amazing. I cannot fully and adequately describe the level of luxury of this fabric. I cannot do it justice but I can say that it was absolutely and perfectly at home at the Four Seasons Hotel, George V, Paris.



Four Seasons La Galerie



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