Cap D’Antibes

Cap d'Antibes shoot in ....Cap D'Antibes 1cap d antibes 5cap d'antibes 3Cap D'Antibes shoot in ... 1

Cap D’Antibes, this large scale print from the famous Italian textile house Rubelli, appears as if each part of the pattern has been soaked by drops from a very wet brush –  loosening the edges and leaving the design with a wonderful soft definition.

In this colourway (it comes in three) the hints of sludgy green, ‘almost’ liquorice, faded aubergine and murky terracotta all mix so perfectly. The colours seem so naturally ‘right’ together. It is as if the deep, dark, bitter chocolate colour of the background has been watered down bit by bit, drawing out and exposing each hue that lies within it…. then used throughout the design to make up the colour combination.

Cap D’Antibes is totally extraordinary … which is typically Rubelli!

Photos taken in Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, England.



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