CIRE TRUDON 78 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

The story of Cire Trudon begins with Claude Trudon in 1643 and  one visit gave us every reason to understand why it is still surviving today.

Ok… so I took 15 minutes to decide which colour candles I wanted. In the end I went for a mix (you can buy in boxes of six and in any colours you wish) because I simply couldn’t decide.

The shop has a nice dark, ‘moody’ ambiance. It has you instantly feeling like you won’t ever turn on an electric light again unless absolutely necessary.

Glorious Cire Trudon. Thanks for making us so much more passionate about candles and their precious soft glow.

It is true…the simplest things are often the best! the way…the shop people are far from moody. They are very pleasant, helpful, informative…oh and of course patient 🙂

Cire Trevdon